on player stands (on) Stable


Type: Event.
Two contexts:
  - materials
  - area

materials = bukit provided materials
area = Notable cuboid or position (to test)


When a player stands on a defined block, the event is triggered.
Blocks are defined by the bukkit materials like 'STONE_PLATE'.


on player stands on material 1 in area:
Custom Event code ...

on player stands on material (in <area>)
on player stands on (<material>) (in <area>)

Concrete case

on player stands on STONE_PLATE in DenizenZCCubo:
- narrate 'ok'

Potential problems

If multiple materials that are defined are placed in the notable cuboid, all of them will trigger the event.
Bug: You can't activate the event by standing on the materials when you are entering the cuboid at the very same time